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General lighting and utilization factor method

In general, indoor lighting uses general lighting and local lighting. In order to make the same brightness of the whole room or the illumination on the specific surface is the same as the previous one, it is not directly using the basic formula of the mutual reflection system. The latter is for work, reading and other places necessary for effective lighting.

Lighting planning and design for general lighting, usually according to the recommended standard of illumination on the operating surface for lighting quantity desired, and according to the quantity, the size of the room lighting position, or the pre operation side on the surface of the average illuminance. The case of the former, is considering the size of the room, the light utilization type, lighting quantity and arrangement on the basis of calculating the required light source (light) of the total light flux. The latter case, the surface reflectance, light source size, set the room type, number and lighting after the configuration, the average illuminance prediction operation.

The luminous flux of the light source can be absorbed by a part of the lighting lamp, and the other part is reflected and absorbed by the ceiling, the wall and the furniture.

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