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Contemporary lighting technology, showing the ancient Buddhist culture

Wuxi Lingshan palace is located in the coast of Taihu, has a wide expanse of mist-covered waters at the foot of Lingshan, the grand scale of the building and the solemn Grand Buddha at Lingshan standing next to the Buddhist culture, unique landscape of Lingshan has added a solemn and majestic view with the external. Lingshan Fangong alter top is formed by a combination of different layers of wood components, the formation of very high sinking form behind the wooden component through the light. The design of traditional architecture China little fusion lights, so lighting when considering the right point have considerable difficulty, so at the beginning of the architectural design and lighting design requires the combination. To see the light but not light effect.

Gallery hall, tower hall ceiling level is quite rich, detailed the motif of many hanging flowers, in the light of the design consideration of each level to meet the structural form of lighting, lighting with architectural space and interior components together, finally achieve brilliant visual effect. The top corridor is an arched shape, each arch which is sinking, sinking in the light of the traditional China's performance is relatively flat. We are in each shaft inside the LED, different changes form, consistent with the flying wall, made different effects in Fangong inside the camp. In the program phase, in order to demonstrate the effect of light, made a special animation simulation.

Leave the hallway, tower hall arrived at the altar altar in the lobby, lobby is a curved corridor inside. There are six wonderful night painted the top, top is painted poor Dunhuang Research Institute of art masters like Michelangelo, exquisite murals in very difficult conditions, and will teach drawing to bend the top. The design of dome with reference to some other ancient circular, including caves, grottoes, to architectural elements such Fangong into design. The main venue of the palace is the future of the world Buddhist Forum held in the venue, the main venue is very interesting, in the practice stage cloth around, and is in the middle of the audience. As the venue can use this as a main venue. After the audience is quiet; when the Roundtable, is in the middle of the podium is around the venue; during the show, can form a 270 degree stage. The middle foot auditorium. The following is the altar effect, and its designers envisioned consistent composition at the top of the dome with more than 1 thousand pieces of lotus and lotus petals petals, like the exciting part is LED lighting technology, the venue is the climax of the light through the LEO deduction out. See the rich color change is far more than thought today.

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