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Intelligent lighting requires a deeper understanding of lighting applications

April 26th afternoon, "intelligent lighting systems and services" in the forum formal lecture at No. 1 conference Expo exhibition room. From the field of industry, government, Research Institute and other 7 top experts, scholars and researchers, according to their years of experience and experience, analysis for everyone in an all-round and multi angle to explain the concept of intelligent lighting system, market demand, standard setting, network building, sensor technology and application. The conference speakers were.

April 25th, the 3 day of the Shanghai international new light source and new energy lighting exhibition and Forum (GLS2012) in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition kicked off.

As the LED industry event with international influence, the forum of "low carbon and innovation, changes in the light of the world" as the theme, the main forum and the forum combination, invited hundreds of domestic top technical experts, scholars and business executives gathered with the new industrial policy interpretation in 2012 and share the latest cutting-edge technology and products, analysis of 2012, the global LED market and capital dynamic; promote the industry with good interaction with the LED industry.

From the field of industry, government, Research Institute and other 7 top experts, scholars and researchers, according to their years of experience and experience, analysis for everyone in an all-round and multi angle to explain the concept of intelligent lighting system, market demand, standard setting, network building, sensor technology and application.

The conference speakers were: PHILPS Asia Research Institute (Shanghai) senior director Dr. Ceng Yongqin; Nanjing city street management office senior manager, deputy chief engineer Liu Leishi, chairman of the ZigBee alliance, Hongkong BobHEILE Research Institute De Qiang Liang, Professor of Peking University, Shanghai Institute of microelectronics Shanghai Sensing Technology Association Yan Zhongguang, Somfy China technology Yun, director section of Shanghai Grand Canyon Photoelectric Technology Co Ltd R & D Long Wei zili.

Only in-depth understanding of lighting applications can truly service end users at the meeting, said Dr. Ceng Yongqin talked about the application of intelligent lighting system: "again, some useful and advanced intelligent systems, users will also be turned off, because he provided to the (user) does not help him, but to disturb him, even if you do well, don't use the good.

There is an intelligent lighting system service providers how to really serve the end user issues. Special note: this site reproduced all the comments do not represent the views of this site, such as the need for related products, please contact the site, the copyright belongs to the original author.

At the meeting, the doctor clearly pointed out: this (application) is not the focus of today, but this is precisely do not pay enough attention to smart lighting counterparts.

"How to do? She suggested:" if you are a particular concern of intelligent lighting enterprises, to do more to communicate with experts, the traditional lighting application research team and the public, along with them to innovation, only has a very deep understanding of lighting applications, in order to intelligence the lighting of the road to go farther.

Dr. Zeng's views on the application of lighting, immediately got a positive response from the application of the first line of Nanjing Street Management Office, deputy chief engineer Liu Leishi. Liu Gong sharp and humorous to say: "do not fix our lights into the repair of the monitoring system.

"According to the years of front-line lighting system management experience, Liu carefully points out all the problems encountered in the lighting system in the practical application, such as standardization, compatibility, false positives, interference, landscape lighting in real-time, flexible, interactive operation interface and the maintenance cost of input and output problems.

These come from the first line of detailed information and data, to remind everyone engaged in the development or production of intelligent lighting systems or enterprises, experts, research and development of intelligent lighting system must take root user, implement.

The future development trend of intelligent lighting system: electronic, networked, integrated in June 7, 2010, general secretary Hu Jintao in the China Academy of Sciences Academician fifteenth, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician tenth conference put forward 8 suggestions to the development of science and technology work, the first is the development of the intelligent technology, insist on giving priority to energy conservation and green low-carbon". Intelligent technology has been promoted to the strategic level of national science and technology development and application.

While at the same time held the fifteenth session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, intelligent lighting system has become a major highlight of the show, many well-known manufacturers began to get involved in the field of intelligence to seize the Nuggets to high.

With the continuous development of microelectronics technology, the application of SCM is more and more widely, lighting control technology is facing a revolutionary change, there are three main trends: electronic, networking, integration.

As an intelligent control system, meet the needs of all parties, such as meeting Professor Yan Chongguang: +MCU+ intelligent lighting system = sensor control +LED, can be said that the intelligent lighting control system is involved in communication, network, master of microelectronics, lighting, Home Furnishing, construction and other areas as.

Professor Liang Deqiang and manager Yan Zhongguang, respectively on the development of intelligent lighting and sensors from the concept of market development and application perspective are discussed in detail, Liang Deqiang said that since 2000, the amount of patent application the sensor shows a rapid upward trend, which reflects from one side of the development of intelligent lighting system.

It should be noted that, ZigBee union president BobHEILE also came to the forum site, to detail the basic situation and characteristics of ZigBee.

As a wireless data transmission network platform, ZigBee has been widely used in the field of intelligent control with the characteristics of simple data transmission, easy to use, reliable work and low price.

As the basis of data transmission, the development of ZigBee network technology will play an important role in the development of wireless intelligent lighting control in the future.

In addition to closely related with intelligent lighting field, Somfy China technical director with the theme of "Yun period of architectural shading and light management" with vivid video presentation on light intelligent management of lighting in the building of this seemingly lively speech, and this forum association is not ten points close to the topic, but caused many ask the guests.

With the continuous development of intelligent control, intelligent buildings, security, sun shading, smart home building integrated wiring and other areas are in the digital city construction under the tide of development and integration trend.

Can the intelligent lighting control as an integral part of control, will be in the development of intelligent technology and government support for the development of intelligent, integrated intelligent control and other fields, for the construction of livable city, improve the living environment of human beings, especially to make indelible contributions to promote the low carbon energy.

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