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Exploration of urban lighting special planning

Core tip: urban lighting special planning, to guide the direction of the development of the industry, so that the future lighting construction has a scientific basis; the introduction of advanced technology and ideas,

To improve the level of urban lighting construction and management system, to keep pace with the pace of urban development, and to serve the municipal public infrastructure construction, is of great significance for the improvement of urban lighting. From the "Nanjing urban lighting special regulations

The scientific method of urban lighting planning is explored from the perspective of the planning process.

Keywords urban lighting planning

1 project overview

According to the Ministry of housing "" 11th Five-Year "city green lighting project plan" for China to enhance the city lighting special planning an important level, to support and encourage the city conscientiously do this work, the municipalities directly under the central government

City, provincial capital city should be completed before the end of 11th Five-Year, the city's lighting planning. Under this background, according to the Jiangsu provincial housing department documents instructions, Nanjing city lighting special planning work by the Nanjing Municipal Construction Committee approved, one unit

Nanjing City Bureau of the original, the original Nanjing Municipal Public Utilities Bureau, municipal facilities integrated management office, Nanjing city street management office, Nanjing city planning and Design Institute Co., ltd..

Nanjing city lighting special planning is combined with the expansion of the city traffic network, the development of economic strength, to enhance the overall image of the city, the function of lighting, make the construction and renovation of landscape lighting and other lighting system

Macro implementation plan. Planning project started in early 2006, which lasted nearly a year, in January 2007 through expert review, and formally promulgated. The planning is divided into 8 chapters, including the urban function

Regulations for the control of lighting, landscape lighting, energy conservation and management.

2 Planning

"The overall framework of the Nanjing city lighting special plan" is based on investigation of lighting planning completed earlier Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen three city, with "" 11th Five-Year "city green lighting project plan" requirements, the first

The first clear orientation of the city of Nanjing; on the basis of determining the functional lighting and landscape lighting should be reflected in Nanjing's utility; the lighting planning combined with 2008~2014 years for the world city forum, International Youth Olympic Movement

The move will be held to determine the Nanjing city construction planning, construction of city lighting blueprint from time and space, realize the width and breadth of planning; at the same time to moderate advance, combined with the actual planning principles, the "three new" technology

The application and evaluation system of illumination is incorporated into planning in the form of text, and the execution of planning is improved by means of policy guidance.

2.1 planning objectives

Domestic and international planning to determine the overall goal of the city to accurately locate, on the basis of the formation of the planning framework. (as shown in Table 1) the determination of the overall objective of the planning is an important matter to be determined at the beginning of the preparation of the planning

Capacity, it determines the overall planning objectives and tone. "Nanjing urban lighting special planning" on the basis of the general rules of Nanjing, dependent on the urban structure of Nanjing, through the different functional areas of landscape brightness, color and other planning and the city

The landscape design of all kinds of landscape elements is guided by the introduction of new technology and new methods, which shapes the night scene of the city of Nanjing, contrasts the historical and cultural atmosphere of the ancient city, defines Nanjing as the central city of the Yangtze River basin.

2.2 general framework (see Figure 1)

On the basis of determining the orientation and goal of urban lighting, the planning should be based on the spatial and temporal distribution of urban development. In the planning framework is the outline of the outline of the program after filling concrete

Content, the embryonic form of planning. Nanjing functional lighting plan as shown in figure 2. Nanjing landscape lighting overall structure can be summarized as "Three River, two ring cross and four pieces of view" (see Figure 3). A river of the Yangtze River and the river

The Qinhuai River, Nanjing is the outline of the main structure of the two major urban water system. Two ring cross - Binjiang Avenue - Ring Road as the outer ring, defined the main city of Nanjing area to the city wall as the inner ring, highlighting the profound historical and cultural evolution

The night scene of the old city; the cross axis, the north and south to the central road - Zhongshan Road - Zhonghua Road for the vertical axis, East and west to the middle of the road - Zhongshan East Road for the horizontal axis, is the main axis of Nanjing urban space expansion. Five scenes -

In Xinjiekou, Hexi District, Shanxi Road, Gulou, Confucius temple and other 5 commercial district as the city on the main shaft longitudinal series of landscape lighting construction in key areas, and at the same time, the main city of the regional centers in the region, forming a plurality of times

Level 1 landscape lighting area.

2.3 planning principles

In the planning, the planning principle is the embodiment of planning concepts and ideas, combined with the city environmental factors such as preparation, in the planning text echoing the city general planning, the establishment of the guiding role of the development mode of the construction of special lighting.

"Nanjing city planning" pointed out that the lighting, lighting and the overall city development obey and serve the overall planning of the city; embodying the city characteristic, ecological lighting, both art and humanity; both the long term and super moderate

Sustainable development; construction cost and maintenance cost, convenient maintenance and management.

2.4 planning basis

The formulation of the plan shall be in accordance with the national and local policies, reflecting the correctness, authority and scientific nature of the planning. "Nanjing urban lighting special planning," the preparation of the "Nanjing urban master plan", "Nanjing National

The economic and social development in the Eleventh Five Year Plan "," Jiangsu city lighting special planning outline (Trial) "," Chinese City Lighting Development Research Report "," 11th Five-Year "city green lighting project planning outline

Other laws, regulations, rules, policies, norms and standards for urban lighting promulgated by the state, province and municipality.

2.5 planning period, scope and planning depth

Planning period, scope and depth are the basic requirements of various types of planning. The length of time refers to the time scope of the planning utility; the planning scope is to guide the development of the spatial description of the lighting; planning depth is the specific content of the project, indicators, etc.. A case study of Nanjing urban lighting planning.

(1) planning years: recent 2006~2010 years; forward 2011~2020 years. In line with the national "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year" planning years, lighting development dependent on urban construction development.

(2) planning scope: divided into the main city and "one city and three districts" of the two levels. Among them, the main city is the focus of this planning, an area of about 258 square kilometers; one city and the district planning area of about 458 square kilometers. According to the characteristics of lighting objects and lighting purposes, this plan will be divided into two parts: strengthening the overall function of the city lighting and emphasizing the decorative art of landscape lighting.

(3): urban planning depth range: Construction of the overall planning framework of city road traffic, at all levels put forward the function requirements of the square lighting and power distribution, control scheme; according to the landscape features of Nanjing city landscape forest,

The historical traces of urban space, the construction of landscape lighting system, and the classification of landscape lighting elements of the corresponding control requirements; "one city three areas": the overall planning principles and control requirements.

(4) near and long term targets

1) the goal in the near future: the function of lighting construction standards, improve the residential lighting system, eliminate the blind area within the main city; the construction of green lighting system, the construction of a number of green lighting demonstration project and the transformation of energy-saving demonstration project;

The transformation function and landscape lighting light pollution project, combined with the city road reconstruction and city power supply network transformation implementation overhead line synchronous rectification, completion of bare copper transformation, improve the city environment, protect the safe operation of city lighting

The overall framework of landscape lighting, the construction of the central area, scenic areas, large-scale public facilities in the area of landscape lighting; the establishment of functional and landscape lighting intelligent monitoring system.

2) long term goal: the popularity of green lighting project, rational use of energy, effectively eliminate or reduce glare and light pollution; the emergence of city lighting culture formation characteristics; the realization of intelligent monitoring and management system; the lighting power density to achieve energy-saving index.

2.6 lighting evaluation system

Nanjing planning process for the existing lighting market is uneven in quality to regulate and guide the train, the 1 chapter design guidelines, on the basis of city lighting design standard, the classification of all roads, making light of environmental standards, guide the future of the city lighting with standard development planning form, play the guiding role of the special planning itself.

2.7 green lighting planning

Green lighting is the main line of the future urban lighting, lighting planning on behalf of the future, it should reflect the green lighting. Nanjing planning to prepare the country has set up a green lighting system, therefore, in order to guide the intensive urban lighting market

The main goal of the green lighting project exhibition, the special planning to join the Nanjing text: save electricity; reduce environmental pollution; set up energy-saving lighting appliances market promotion system, the energy-saving lighting market in the normal orbit;

Improve the quality of lighting products, improve the quality standards and certification system; develop energy-saving transformation and development plan.

2.8 planning guarantee

Scientific planning needs to implement the system to complete the planning ideas. Nanjing planning text for protection from laws and regulations, construction procedure, management system, financial security, public security, industry and technology in all aspects, to ensure the provision of effective planning, in the preparation process of Nanjing planning, to fully absorb most of the previous planning form defects, with policy provisions means clear planning and execution.

3 empirical analysis

Currently, the major cities have completed and issued a special lighting planning, but there are still some cities and counties lack of planning. With the advent of the era of low-carbon economy, the development of new lighting technology, new moon, in 12th Five-Year"

Period, is also facing a new round of lighting special planning work. Therefore, how to further improve the work is still a hot topic of concern to the industry, it is worth exploring. Involved in the preparation of urban lighting planning in Nanjing

Cheng, the following experience.

3.1 data collection

With the successful experience of other cities, the planning system can stand high and see far, save investment, improve efficiency. Therefore, the first step to investigate the most important. Nanjing urban lighting planning team on multiple planning has been completed

A study of the city. Shenzhen is the earliest start of city lighting planning of the city, high starting point, professional and strong, from the general rules to refine regulatory control to plan at the national level, with a demonstration of the lighting industry

Use. The plan has put a lot of manpower and material resources, with strong technical support and coordination of a number of units, efficient and smooth access to systematic planning results. Chengdu special lighting planning, planning and design

A part of the planning steps clear, status quo of full investigation, the city proposed the future construction of road lighting and landscape lighting design and development direction, and made suggestions of elaborate operation technology and management, is a comprehensive

General planning. We in the preparation of Nanjing city lighting special planning on the filling

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