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Chicago night, the absorption of floating gas

The night of June came quite late. Looking ahead, to the large perspective unwrapping of orange light, like a huge garden. Street lamp color temperature is an important factor in the formation of the street scene at night. In Japan, most of the use of high color temperature white mercury lamp; and the use of low temperature in Chicago high pressure sodium lamp.

Surprisingly, the orange lights lit up the whole city, so that the sky is also a large orange. Driven by curiosity, we take the illuminance meter to measure, on the eastern side of the building platform glass surface vertical illuminance of 1.5 lux, which shocked us. There is no high-rise buildings, the bottom will not set a strong light source, 1.5 lux illumination should be floating light up by gas. And then carefully observe the telescope, the streets of sodium light projected downward to 45. We try to calculate the intensity of light at this time.

We assume that the platform vertical height of 400 meters to 1.5 lux, and the light source into the 3 angle downward projection, then the brightness of the position of the direction of the platform is 1.5 lux, 3 x 800 m x 800 m, which is approximately equal to 110 of the new candle. A little more popular. Can be compared to 8000 or more of the 100 watt incandescent bulb at the same time the brightness of the light.

In the same way also determined the building on the south side of the glass and the vertical illuminance is as high as 3.5 lux. These are the results of a large number of street lights and the lighting of buildings in the air.

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