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Chicago high light building lights

On this trip to the United States, we first visited Chicago. Chicago and New York and Losangeles, known as the "safe city". From the Vitoria era, this is the intersection of the western United States economy, but also the center of production, circulation and finance. From nineteenth Century to now, along with the rapid development of economy, skyscraper building, the trend of modern architecture is to Chicago as the center of the world.

In June, the day, with a warm look at the city of Chicago, we finally landed at Ojeda airport, from the airport and then take the tram to the station of Lake Torrance. The clear blue sky suddenly clouded, downpour, rain and fog will be gradually lined up over the floor of the skyscraper. Soon after the fog, the After rain the sky looks blue., strong sunlight from the building between the narrow sky Chung purging factory, direct to the street. We've been in Chicago for a couple of days.

Because the day left us the impression is too deep, so the night here have higher expectations. Evening time, we boarded the 103 floor of the building platform of SIAS (about 400 meters from the ground), waiting for the arrival of the night.

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