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The difference between night lights in Madrid and Barcelona

Barcelona landscape lighting point and line combination of various techniques, some of which will be a sculpture or memorial facilities configuration patterned on the road intersection of street lighting system, and in different forms to connect the road. Especially when you look at the door from the Spanish Square to check when the atmosphere light beam of Na Shauna M palace top L radiating into the night sky. It is difficult to see such a powerful combination of points and lines in other places. The Columbo memorial is the starting point of the sidewalk in the street street Ramblas, central part; and to the north extension of the street is opposite Krom gang lJ, the central part is bus lanes. The overall lighting of the city in a variety of ways, as far as possible to avoid monotony and unity. It is this kind of point and line to form the balance of the unique image of Barcelona.

In Madrid, in addition to the old city, almost all streets are the same lighting. The utility model relates to a basic combined form of a cylindrical lamp for a driveway and a road lamp with a white spherical lampshade. The combination of the form is roughly divided into three types, the number of driving lane lights and trail lights: A type 1: lB type 1: C, type: 2. Among them A type L: 1 of the majority, but only the main street is l: 2, before the Spanish bank is 2: 2. Located along the Catalonia Avenue, there are several symbolic landscapes that are intended for motorists. Columbine square monument, Siebel L S square around the Bank of Spain and the central post office buildings are bathed in a sea of lights.

And Barcelona highlight the characteristics of the various streets of different ways, Madrid street lighting is trying to uniform. Bird's eye view of the city of Madrid in the evening, the lights will be found to form a graph, a pattern of street lighting system. As the capital of Spain, Madrid is also constantly exploring the development direction of modern urban landscape lighting settings. They try to distribute the light equally to every corner of the city, and gradually standardize the lighting fixtures to make maintenance and management easier. In the same country in Spain, we see two distinct patterns of Barcelona and madrid. This style of dealing with urban landscape lighting in different ways, in essence, just like the light of Catalonia and Spain, the difference between the light.

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