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Late at night, Chicago presents another scene

From SIAS building down, began to stand in the ground observation that the very high buildings seen in the building of SIAS, then these buildings have become tall. Walk in these buildings, like the gorge, the streets are dynamic scene. Seemed to be free to the will of the people, and the night will show the same scene.

Chicago City North and South River will be separated, together constitute the framework of Chicago city and south to North Michigan avenue. At the intersection of the two is the Michigan Avenue bridge, the bridge on the northeast corner of a Nicola building. Due to the erection of bridge has a certain inclination, when along Michigan Avenue from south to north to go, Nicola will be like a wall like building block in there. Central tower with the tower, the symbol of the whole street. Into the night, the lights will be reflected here as day, more and more strengthened its symbolic meaning.

There are more than 150 meters away from the other side of the river, the installation of 80 similar places of use of the projector. If you look in the direction of the light, the beam will turn your eyes out of sight. There was no lighting on the bridge, and the light came from the other side of the river. Thick bridge column vertical illuminance is about 190 lux, calculate the light intensity is 190 000 candle.

Nicola building as a landmark in the night to become a light wall, giving a strong visual impact. The tall buildings in the night are almost always wearing a bright hat, but the shapes are different.

There are soft lights on the street, but also a high degree of illumination of the light source, they have the symbolic meaning of white. Immersed in the Chicago street in the night and we will look to the sky, looking like John Han Kirk and Jose building center as the luminous hat".

Just find the SIAS building, will find the rest of the building, all the buildings in the south of it. We also find some humane highlights, such as Michigan is located in the northwest corner of the building Tuolebin Avenue Bridge in front of the street lamps and lights out from Magunifi San Melloul in the window.

However, these are not from the ground to look at the Nicola building lighting impressive. The light of the Nicola mansion is the true light of Chicago.

Chicago city landscape lighting is usually closed at 10:30 in the evening, when the night scene will suddenly change.

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