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New Choice for Cross border E-commerce Products such as Amazon - COB LED Flexible Light

When it comes to the online sales of LED light strip products, as early as around 2006 and 2007, we noticed that some overseas sellers sold some LED light strip products on eBay. At that time, the main color LED light strip products were red, yellow, Amber, green, and blue. From around 2016 to 2017, some Chinese sellers who stayed at Amazon began to pay attention to the LED light strip product category, especially RGB LED light strips that began to show vigorous vitality in 2019 and saw a surge in sales in 2020, which also drove the sales of white LED light strips.

The physical product that consumers purchase is an LED light strip product, but fundamentally, what they ultimately want to purchase is a good lighting experience. The light they want should be bright and soft, and they do not want to see the shining points one by one after lighting up. Traditional SMD LED light strips are all independent LED beads attached to the flexible light strip circuit board, and once lit, you will see one particularly bright spot after another.

How to solve these luminous points, so as to achieve the user's desire to only see light and not want to see individual LED beads?

cob light strip

1. Halfhide the LED light strip and provide soft light through the mixing of light after emitting and the reflection of space. This requires a relatively large mixing space for the hidden light strip, which is difficult for users to DIY.

2. Install the LED light strip into a plastic or aluminum profile, and add a mist shaped diffusion strip cover on the surface. The light emitted by the LED light beads will weaken the luminescent highlights after passing through the diffusion cover. In this way, users need to purchase LED light strips and profile components according to the required length, or purchase assembled integrated lighting fixtures, which increases cost and complexity.

In the past two years, the newly developed COB LED light strips have solved the above problems. They have excellent luminous effects such as invisible light and flexible light spots. The usage method is the same as traditional SMD LED light strips, reducing the service cost of guiding customers to use and frequently responding to customer installation questions. They are a high-quality choice for cross-border e-commerce sellers such as Amazon.

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