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Which type light strip is durable, 12V or 24V

Generally speaking, 24V light strips are more durable. 12V low voltage operation, unstable voltage reduction, resulting in uneven brightness of the first and last output lights. Stable 24V voltage reduction. The brightness of the head and tail is uniform. Long service life. So the 24V light strip is more durable. The 12V light strip has low heat dissipation requirements, while the 24V light strip has high heat dissipation requirements. The 12V light strip has a small power and a small application range, while the 24V light strip has a large power and a wide application range.

12V led light strip

Method to extend the lifespan of lighting fixtures:

1. Install correctly according to the instructions. After purchasing the living room lighting fixtures, do not be busy installing them first. You should carefully read the markings of the living room lighting fixtures and read the installation and operation instructions, and then install and use the living room lighting fixtures according to the instructions, otherwise there may be danger.

2. Avoid frequent switching. When using lamps, do not frequently switch them on or off, as the current passing through the filament during frequent start-up is greater than the current during normal operation, causing a sharp increase in filament temperature and accelerating sublimation, greatly reducing their service life. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the switching of lamps.

3. If there is a problem with the lamp tube, replace it promptly. Replace the aging lamp tube in a timely manner according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If it is found that both ends of the lamp tube are red, the lamp tube is black or has black shadows, or the lamp tube does not light up, the lamp tube should be replaced in a timely manner to prevent unsafe phenomena such as ballast burning out.

4. Properly clean. When cleaning the living room lights, you should use a soft dry cotton cloth to gently wipe the lights, keeping the movement from top to bottom, and not randomly rubbing back and forth, which can easily cause the light body to break.

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