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High CRI COB light strips are becoming increasingly popular in the market

The COB light strip is very safe because it emits light evenly without dark spots, with a low voltage of 12V or 24V, and can even reach 3-5 V. It is also very convenient to embed aluminum material because it is a flexible circuit board. By making good use of the overall temperament and appearance of the home, it can greatly enhance the creativity and vitality of the space.

In the current era where LED flexible light strips are becoming increasingly popular, the market for traditional SMD light strips is gradually being squeezed by COB light strips. High Ra products are no longer a technical barrier, so many brands are starting to launch their own high index COB products.

COB light strip

COB light strip

High display COB light strip refers to a light strip that encapsulates chips on a flexible board. Most chips are flip chip, linearly packaged on a PCB, and then a layer of packaging adhesive mixed with fluorescent powder is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. High visibility refers to the use of high-density beads for COB light strips, with a range of 320 to 480 lamps/m, ensuring high consistency in product color, uniform and linear emission, and pure and bright light color. Traditional lamp strips only have dozens to a hundred lamp beads, and the purity and uniformity of light cannot be compared to COB lamp strips.

Is the higher the indicator of the lamp, the better? By comparing and analyzing the color temperature, indicators, and luminous flux of different light sources, it was found that the higher the indicators of most light sources, the lower the luminous flux, i.e. the lower the luminous efficiency. Low brightness refers to slightly higher brightness of the lamp, while high brightness refers to slightly better color of the lamp, with visual differences but not significant. In situations where the accuracy of the scene is not high and the investment budget is limited: from a more economical perspective, the requirement for explicit indication can be moderately reduced. Explicit indication>80 ° is sufficient, especially for outdoor lighting scenes.

Generally speaking, high visibility refers to the COB light strip that takes into account the high visibility of the lighting product, without dark spots, and with uniform lighting. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting design, convenient for transportation and cutting, and has been widely used in hotels, exhibition halls, shops, car taillights and other fields. When installing and using COB light strips, attention should be paid to the issue of voltage drop. Voltage drop refers to the fact that if the light strips are connected in series and the actual voltage supplied to the light strips is low, the actual effect is that there will be differences in the brightness at the end.

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