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Table LED factory actively into the niche market, in Longda biological identification

Table LED factory in order to get rid of lighting backlight actively into the Red Sea, niche market, the "trend" biological identification. 2D and 3D attack Lunda sensing, infrared launch module can be used for monitoring cameras, laptops, and even drones. The recent wisdom of cooperation with customers, real-time transmission of video, thousands of miles away can see the door of the visitors.

IPhone X launched last year 3D face recognition, although there is no station in the supply chain of the LED plant, but the crystal power, billion light are actively strive to order etc.. The mobile phone has been quietly put outside the Lunda "biometrics", such as the wisdom of building monitoring camera, by providing infrared module installed in Luanda, shopping malls, identification and control in the face shape, age, gender and other information consumers on screen display room.

Ronda said, biological identification is the potential market, a wide range of uses, from mobile phone, car radar, industrial automation to UAV, will be used; and LED manufacturers indispensable.

For example, mobile phone 3D sensor, two red dot photographic camera, infrared light for VCSEL 800-900 nm wavelength (VCSEL) module, the spots hit in the face, to quantify the value, and then handed over to the system to determine whether the mobile phone owner.

VCSEL in the bottom or side of the semiconductor chip resonator structures are similar to LED, Taiwan factory with epitaxial technology is easy to enter.

Biological identification is also used in intelligent building. Recently launched the "Lunda and customer wisdom bell" built in three high power infrared module, at night or dark environment, can also take visitors image. The owner through the mobile phone App, even in Europe on business, home the doorbell rang to see who is the visitor.

With the large power plant lextar jointly developed a new biological identification scheme to the Microsoft certification. Microsoft Windows Hello also supports three kinds of face, fingerprint and iris identification, so the infrared module laptop must be 75-100 cm distance, taking into account the different projection angle. Lextar has vertical integration, from the chip, board, lens and other processes are designed, smaller and more efficient end module.

It is reported that the Lunda March revenue of 920 million yuan (NT, the same below), the monthly increase of 21.5%. First quarter revenue 2 billion 650 million yuan, quarter by 1.9%. Biometrics although full of imagination, but the current revenue accounted for only about 5%. This year the Lunda capital expenditure of about 2 billion yuan, half, half for a new factory for new business including VCSEL. Legal believes that VCSEL will first half of this year a small trial production in the first quarter of next year will significantly contribute to revenue.

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