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The beauty of China imported products of large-scale taxation, LED enterprise will have any effect?

The United States President Trump signed 22 presidential memorandum of Chinese claimed to be imported goods from large-scale tariffs, and restrictions on mergers and acquisitions investment enterprises in the United States Chinese. Trump said to the media at the white house before signing, involving tax China commodity scale up to $60 billion.

In response to the U.S. "trade war", the Ministry of Commerce on the morning of 23 was released in the United States to suspend imports of steel and aluminum products 232 measures of reduction product list and public comment, intends to levy tariffs on imports from the United States and some products, in order to balance the interests of China due to the United States to cause loss of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products.

Affected by this, the global stock market shock. Bank financial research center senior researcher He Fei said that the influence of telecom technology and mechanical and electrical products, toys, furniture, textiles and clothing, base metals and products, footwear, umbrellas and other light industrial products, plastics and rubber, chemical industry, medical equipment and other goods may be subject to the "tariff war" of the.

If the United States raise tariffs to LED related products, exports to the United States LED company will influence how?

Alto electronics said, basically no effect on the overall U.S. trade policy volatility. According to the Alto electronic 2017 semi annual report shows that the first half of 2017 the Alto electronic overseas revenue accounted for only 18.29% of total revenue, while the main overseas markets for Europe, only a small part of the total business in the United states.

Lyad, the first half of 2017, overseas business accounted for 42% of revenue, although the proportion is relatively high, but its overseas market coverage, including Europe, North America, Asia and other more than 100 countries and regions in the world. In addition, Riyadh has pingda electronic NP company and two U.S. companies and overseas revenue by most of the companies with. So, the LEDinside editor believes that if the United States does little to improve the company's revenue has no effect.

The same as the state of science and technology and Abison LED display enterprises appear to be the same. The first half of 2017, Chau Ming technology LED display products overseas sales income is 786 million 534 thousand and 100 yuan, accounting for LED display company operating income of 69.26%, of which America contributed 28.68%, amounting to 225 million 606 thousand and 400 yuan.

Abison as one of the earliest LED display industry enterprises to develop the international market, the company LED display exports for many years ranked industry first, over the years overseas revenue proportion of the total revenue of around 80%. According to the 2017 semi annual report shows that in 2017 the first half operating income of 511 million 898 thousand and 500 yuan, of which the North American contribution to the performance of 89 million 207 thousand and 600 yuan, accounting for 17.43%.

From the export situation of the four companies, and influence of Chau Ming technology Abison was perhaps Billy and Adrian Alto electronics is slightly larger. But at present, the United States has not yet announced Chinese tax product list, whether LED related products will not determine the tax list, so it remains to be seen. Recently, the state of science and technology in the interactive platform company responded that a small pitch LED display products currently have not received notice of tax.

According to the latest report "New York Times", these will be levied tariffs Chinese products covers from various shoes and clothes to electronics, there are about 1300. Specific details about the 15 days later by the United States Department of trade. (text: LEDinside Nicole)

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