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Why is low-voltage LED light strip preferred?

LED light strips are divided into high-voltage light strips and low-voltage light strips based on voltage.

The voltage of high-voltage LED lights is 220V, which is the normal household voltage. Also known as the AC light strip.

Low voltage LED light strips have voltages of 12V and 24V, as well as low-voltage designs such as 3V and 36V, also known as DC light strips.

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The high-voltage LED light strip operates at a voltage of 220V, which belongs to hazardous voltage and is suitable for use in places that cannot be reached by the human body. The installation of high-voltage light strips is relatively simple compared to low-voltage light strips, and can be directly carried by high-voltage drivers.

Moving, simply connect to a household power source. High voltage LED light strips can usually carry 30-50 meters per power source. During use, due to the high voltage, they generate much more heat per unit length than low voltage LED light strips, which directly affects the lifespan of the high voltage light strip.

Generally speaking, the service life of high-voltage light strips is around 10000 hours.

Low voltage LED light strip, operating at DC voltage, belongs to safe voltage and is harmless to human contact, and can be applied in various occasions.

Low voltage LED light strips can be selected for lighting design such as home decoration, outdoor building lighting, shopping mall atmosphere lighting design, landscape lighting design, parks, roads, bridges, etc.

Low voltage LED light strips, due to the use of DC power supply, are generally 5 meters or 10 meters in length. Beyond this length, there will be a certain voltage drop. Currently, IC constant current design is used, and the longest connection length of low voltage LED light strips can reach 15-30 meters.

Low voltage LED light strips can have a service life of up to 30000-50000 hours due to their excellent heat dissipation performance and low light attenuation.

High voltage LED light strips and low voltage LED light strips have their own advantages and disadvantages. In practical applications, light strips can be selected according to the actual usage situation.

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