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Beijing, China () hotel lighting design appreciation

Through full communication, the relevant lighting drawings and lighting materials in a timely manner to the GRC contractor, the factory in the production of GRC for the installation of the lamp on the site of the top of the lamp position and installation bracket. In the construction site, the lamps and lanterns in accordance with the provisions of the hole installed in place, to achieve the full installation of the hidden lights. Installed on the ground floor of the ground lights are low temperature glass lamps, lamps to avoid overheating on the surface of the pedestrian injury. In order to avoid the light pollution, the ground lamp can be adjusted by the angle of the lamp or the use of anti glare accessories, projection of the projection direction of the light to be carefully adjusted to prevent the emergence of stray light. The hotel facade lighting circuit for the fine division, similar buildings, various parts of various lamps can be controlled separately, can realize 6 control modes, meet the major festivals, holidays, working days after midnight, different lighting requirements. All parts of similar lamps can be controlled separately

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