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China Yilan Long Mountain Resort Hotel Hot Springs Suao lighting design appreciation (two)

Regardless of architecture, landscape or interior lighting, with warm white light tone, in order to achieve the spirit of the lighting design, in addition to the banquet hall because of special situation needs all the rest space without any color light, which makes the overall space more pure, natural and artificial. Light of all indoor public space for the adjustable light, and is provided with a control system, so the lighting atmosphere can change according to time adjustment, the basic principle is the later the light is weak, the more a lazy, leisurely and relaxing atmosphere, and this is due to the hot springs resort, many of the details using indirect lighting, light source is hidden, or from the bottom to cast light on the way to the hot springs open source passengers do not have a trouble. But in addition to highlight the unique elements of landscape lighting environment, designers also proposed activities lamps with decorative effect and collocation of candles, night flickering candle more space adds the finishing touch to a romantic atmosphere.

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