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How much do you know about safe electricity?

Electrical operation in you, whether you at home, school, unit, must comply with the rules, must have knowledge about safety, take necessary safety measures in production, to ensure personal safety and the normal operation of the electrical equipment. Therefore, in the study of electronic production, must know the following: 1) the electricity distribution equipment in the installation personnel, must put on the terminal power supply line in the general assembly tool of power distribution equipment, the total power switch or switch, not flip. When pulling down the main switch of the power distribution unit, the power supply of the fuse and the electric equipment can be disconnected. 2) do not pull the wires in the room and other electric fields. If the electric circuit must be increased because of the need, the height of the installation shall comply with the relevant provisions of the installation of the electrical equipment. Usually do not mess with the temporary lights ov union. 3, the installation of qualified electrical leakage protection device, to prevent the electrical circuit or electrical equipment insulation damage caused by electric shock accident. 4 in electronic manufacturing, the circuit uses the 220V power supply, or when the installation of lighting, to ensure that the phase line must be put into the switch, and the installation of fuses. 5) usually should prevent the wire and electrical equipment damp, do not use wet hand to pull the plug or pull the electric switch, do not use wet towel to wipe the electricity consumption equipment. 6) the use of mobile electrical equipment, should first check the insulation is good, in the use of the process should take measures to increase the supplementary insulation, such as the use of hand-held electric drill is best when wearing gloves and standing on the potential of rubber. 7) select the fuse to adapt to the capacity of electrical equipment, metal wire can not be used instead of fuse.

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