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Basic knowledge of lamps

Type of lamps

Lighting lamps are divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor lighting.

Indoor lighting and commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting.

Outdoor lamps include light, street lamps, high ceiling lights, tunnel lights, garden lights, lawn lights, buried lights, fireplaces, underwater lights, etc..

Including commercial lighting lamp, lamp, grille lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, electrical box.

Including office lighting lamp, grille frame, emergency lighting.

Home Furnishing lighting including European style lights, ceiling lamps, crystal lamps, lamp, table lamp, parchment lamp and cloth cover lamp, mirror lamp, working lamp, kitchen lamp, low voltage lamp, room lamp, candle lamp, sand glass lamp.

Two, how to select the type of basic lamps

Select the type of lamp is to determine the overall appearance of the room, feeling and atmosphere of the foundation. The following is a description of the selection of specific lamps:

1, direct lighting lamps: light through the lamp, which 90%-100% luminous flux to the assumed working face, this kind of lighting for direct lighting. This kind of lighting has a strong contrast between light and shade, and can create interesting and vivid light and shade effect, can highlight the dominant position of the working face in the whole environment, but due to the high brightness, should prevent the emergence of glare. Such as factories, offices, etc..

2, semi direct lighting lamps are: light shade covering upper translucent material, concentrated at work 60%-90% of light above the surface, 10%-40% light and shade by translucent quilt to diffuse diffusion, the light is soft. This kind of lamp is usually used in the lower room. The diffuse light can illuminate the flat top and increase the height of the top of the room, so that it can produce a higher sense of space.

3, indirect lighting Lamps lighting the way: is the indirect light shielding generated, the luminous flux of 90%-100% through the ceiling or wall reflection on the work surface, less than 10% of the light irradiation working face. Shopping malls, clothing stores, conference rooms and other places, as a general use of environmental lighting or improve the brightness.

4, semi indirect lighting lamps and semi direct lighting: on the contrary, the semi transparent lamp installed in the light bottom, more than 60% flat light, indirect light source, 10%-40% light shade by downward diffusion. This method can produce a special lighting effect, so that the room has a higher feeling low. It also applies to the small space in the residential areas, such as the lobby, aisle, clothing stores, etc., usually in the learning environment using this lighting, the most affordable.

, 5 diffuse lighting lamps: use type lamps refraction function to control glare, the light to spread around. There are two forms of this kind of illumination, one is that the light is emitted from the top of the lampshade and the flat top is reflected. The other is to use a translucent lampshade to close all the light and diffuse. This kind of light is soft, comfortable and suitable for bedroom.


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