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Shop Lighting Design Knowledge

The role of lighting in the store is more important than any other type of lighting. The lighting in the store is not only used to illuminate the goods for sale, good lighting design also plays an important role in the interior design, style, characteristics, etc..

The most important role of lighting in the store is to attract attention. The window lighting is a kind of artistic creation based on the display of goods, but also a very good way to attract attention. Display a variety of goods sold in the shop window, all the exhibits must be the same key lighting. If the display of goods, but also can illuminate the product price and texture description.

Secondly, we should also consider the lighting of goods. A shop in the lighting design, first of all need to store all the goods can provide effective lighting, on this basis, and then focus on some of the key products designed to display the characteristics of lighting.

Another role of lighting in the shop is to stimulate customer interest in the commodity. Here are some ways to get customers interested in the product by lighting:

1, the use of special techniques to carry out commodity lighting, especially personalized display lighting;

2, with a distinctive shape of steel lamps, it can effectively strengthen the environmental characteristics.

3, some of the architectural lighting techniques, such as the top of the wall of the dark trough lighting, wall lighting, etc., in order to highlight or emphasize the architectural or interior design elements.

4, lighting design, the use of a number of special lighting technology, such as optical fiber, color lighting, stage lighting, neon lights, so that the store space more dynamic, eye-catching.

In addition, the store lighting can also provide convenience for the operation and management of the store, including commodity storage, cleaning, sales, billing, etc..

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