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Home lighting design knowledge

Home is a private space, has its privacy and personalized requirements, so lighting design needs to take into account this feature. The so-called personalized, usually embodied in a particular atmosphere or psychological feelings, such as the entrance hall, private living room or holiday restaurant is the need to emphasize the effect of the atmosphere of the region. In the home lighting can clearly put forward a unified requirement is to carry out a number of fine visual operations in the area or space, such as the operating console in the kitchen, the bathroom and the makeup of the area in the home reading area.

Home lighting is mainly based on the layout of the room, decoration, the content of life and change. During the day when the natural light, the choice of lighting and lighting will have an impact. The following home lighting is only as a general reference.

1, entrance

The entrance is the space that gives the first impression. In addition, I hope the family can feel the warmth of the door into the atmosphere. The entrance is usually mounted on the wall of one side or both sides of the door, about 1.8M from the ground. Transparent glass bulb for external use, both beautiful and can produce a welcome effect. The milky white glass lamps make the surroundings bright and safe. But these lights are not according to the foot, especially in the ladder place, with more downlight.

2, entrance entrance

Entrance entrance requirements for general lighting. If there are green plants, paintings, niches and other decorative items, you can use key lighting, creating a lively space. Under the shoe, such as light source, the ground can be very bright, but if the ground is shiny, it will not look good because of reflection.

3, corridor and stairs

In order to play smoothly arrive at the room guide effect, avoid the use of lighting with mobile. Corridor is relatively narrow, such as wall lamp should pay attention to the size of the prominent. The long corridor with downlight more, produce light and shadow rules on the wall, guide the effect will be better.

The stair place due to height difference of stairs for safety lighting. Especially under the stairs, do not pay attention to the occurrence of TA fall accidents, so to produce glare lamps do not use. Can not be installed in the location of the tread in the shadow. Corridors and staircases lighting to use three way switch, and can be controlled in two locations.

4, toilet and bathroom

Toilet and bathroom involved in the visual task is mainly some common contents. In other places, the requirements of the atmosphere of the art of lighting or lighting, in most bathrooms and bathroom design, it should be placed in the flash position. And for those with a large massage bath facilities and fitness areas of luxury bathrooms, special lighting design.

In the toilet and bathroom, mainly provide lighting for make-up and shaving and other activities in front of the mirror, and the bath, short time reading can help to meet the lighting environment in the bathroom.

Toilet and bathroom lighting environment requirements has certain particularity. Typically, the installation of the top of the room on the roof of the anti fog and anti - humidity can meet the requirements of environmental lighting. Front or both sides of the mirror can be used to protect the front of the mirror. There are also several low wattage wet proof lamps around the mirror. This includes the following parts of the chin can illuminate, not only suitable for make-up, but also suitable for shaving. But can not produce too hot feeling, pay attention to the number of lights and wattage.

To ensure accurate display of skin color, recommend the use of color temperature to 3000K, color rendering index as the source of more than 80.

5, kitchen

The kitchen has I shape, U shape, island and counter type. The kitchen is mainly used for cooking, from the scale point of view, there are only a few simple food, as well as to do with the family chat. The basic requirements of lighting is to be able to illuminate the table, table, sink and other working face.

In the lighting design, to avoid the shadow on the face. Environmental lighting or general lighting in the kitchen is likely to cast a shadow on the countertop and affect the work. Therefore, we should pay attention not to use a strong operating lighting gun to direct the work of the lighting table.

Recommended to choose the light source and light according to the following requirements:

Roof type fluorescent lamp: installed in the middle part of the ceiling, so that the whole room light distribution, side and bottom lamp cover control of lens, let the light side and are suitable for the light, to consider the lamp lighting and cabinet lighting. Lamps and lanterns to do anti fog anti moisture.

The fluorescent lamp cabinet: direct exposure to the operating table, to make the appropriate block to eliminated, in order to avoid glare effect. Need in the lamp outlet equipped with a closed cover, to avoid the dust and oil accumulation.

The cooking fume on the top of the stove is provided with the illuminating light source, and the utility model can completely satisfy the requirement of the working illumination on the hearth.

Select the light source, we should pay special attention to the color of the light source, a lot of standard fluorescent light exposure to food, and then let people go to see these foods will feel no appetite. Usually the color temperature is 3000K, the color rendering index of more than 80 of the light source is more suitable.

6, restaurant

Restaurant is the center of the table. The requirements of lighting cloth, chopsticks, food, flowers and other things on the table is bright and beautiful, the food can cause loss of appetite. Table lamps are the most used chandelier. According to the size of the table, available from 1 to 3. If the restaurant is not too large, the chandelier can serve as a table lighting and general lighting.

Restaurants usually choose color temperature of 3000K, color rendering index of more than 80 light source, can better highlight the color of food.

7, bedroom

Bedroom basically is to go to bed, the first requirement is lighting should play a hypnotic effect. According to the use of different rooms, lighting can meet the bedtime reading, watching TV, makeup, clothes and other living behavior. General lighting and local lighting.

To hypnotic brightness cannot lighting itself is too high, the general lighting is not too bright. Bedroom can be used to cover the lamp with the required atmosphere.

To midnight on the toilet for the elderly in the bedroom, light feet are not too bright.

In the choice of light source, we should pay attention to the bedroom and try to keep the same tone, also note the consistency of color in the whole room. This can maintain a moderate overall visual atmosphere, to avoid a sense of jumping and stiff. Due to different people on the bedroom light environment of different requirements, so here is not recommended color temperature and color rendering index.

8, study

Study is to work for the main purpose of the visual space. Now the computer has widely used in every family study, the book on the table to the lighting design of the brightness of the screen, it is necessary for the surrounding brightness ratio, large illuminance ratio, detailed inquiry. The brightness of the computer operation is generally increased by the order of the paper surface and the surface of the keyboard, display and display. In addition to the general operation of computer lighting, as well as the use of arm type table lamp as a local lighting.

Learning room, the study not only visual industry, due to the long time after the operation need to relax, then can create a relaxed atmosphere lighting is very important.

9, living room

Living room is the use of multifunctional space with the highest frequency in Home Furnishing. Set the party, watching TV, reading, receiving guests and other functions in one of the living room lighting needs more than one room lights, and the need to switch the circuit control, so that the lighting effect with a variety of activities. Especially the bigger room will also have different kinds of activities. Note that when the cloth to avoid a variety of light interference. In comparison with the ceiling height of the room is very large, the majority of people's vision in the ceiling surface, so ceiling lighting is particularly important. Attention should be paid to the selection of lamps.

According to general lighting lamp light distribution classification, ceiling, wall face has great influence on space atmosphere and average illuminance. Therefore, to fully understand the surface, choose the appropriate lighting. No glare is usually recommended downlight, if the room is very bright, indirect lighting lighting that use cornice both efficiency and effectiveness will be very good.

TV lighting is a kind of special requirements, then living in other places lighting is often not needed, or interfere with watching tv. Recommended to provide soft, moderate lighting near the tv.

10, courtyard and channel

Courtyard considering the daytime landscape lighting, try to hide in the trees inside. Therefore, it is best to use a small lamp, a typical compact fluorescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps.

Lighting to illuminate the trees in the courtyard, flower beds, stone, water, if the small courtyard available 1-2 large courtyard lamp, including entrance lighting, the use of a large number of important elements of landscape lights illuminate the hospital, can show the dramatic scenery in the dark in the courtyard.

Lighting decoration, and the shadows of leaves to the projection lighting on the walls, illuminate the continuous illumination effects the trees, the scenery around the thing pool water lighting etc.. If you can look at these views from a living room or restaurant, the different views of the day will make the occupants excited.

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