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Are there any special steps in lighting design?

Source: of city environment ICE to Takeshi Masanobu theory to explain the lighting design may not be easy, because the human brain thinking is not advance in order, I think it should be more like a move towards parallel answer. Therefore, the lighting design process is not called the completion of a project to enter the next stage. For example, from the briefing to the implementation of the process, in general, we have generally understand, but in the design process is very different. For example, call a friend and make an appointment to meet next week. Because there is no way to see each other's face in the phone, only in the case of sound, not five seconds to determine the time and place. If there is no decision, you should think about it and then contact. How much information and thought are involved in determining the place and time? (including the emotional, the purpose of human nature, that is, how to spend the time outside? What kind of mood do you want? Agreed place and time, we must first read out a number of parallel existence of the message, including the location of the other party before, after going back to the place, a few points can be reached, until a few minutes before. In addition, there are their own location, the place to go, go back to the place, where the time is more comfortable, such as the message. The other party is just back home? Or pay close attention to the body, or to get up early tomorrow morning? After the listing of these conditions will find with ten in the unconscious, should mark the order to slow thinking. But it could be decided in a flash. If it is to meet with most people, the above steps can be increased. However, no one because hate this, since no longer meet with others, right? Therefore, the original steps on lighting design, should be the first principle to understand the various conditions of this work, in order to join a slowly thinking. As for the skill after the presentation is another matter! As for the lighting design the necessary conditions I thought and information, including A - in the case of social and historical background; in the case of B - C or D - place; owners - architect, interior designer; E as the lighting designer, the work of the past, and is currently working on (see next to the image overlap); F - current lighting technology; G - H - energy; initial cost, maintenance, operation and other functions and the economy is in accordance with the. The importance of the order of the marks from the beginning of the A may be different depending on the time and place (laughs). So, how does it actually work? My approach is to hold a meeting, which is the most important period of time in the design, therefore, must be written down the factors are put into the brain is better, and the first thing to investigate the first check. To discuss in a parallel state during a meeting. Grasp the design image or details of the moment, and then go to the next step to implement. In other words, the usual bit by bit is the most important. It seems very troublesome to write an article, in fact, generally private operation for granted, nothing special (laughter).

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