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The analysis of Hangzhou new xiangjisi lighting engineering

Each LED buried lights in the particles are using OSRAM high brightness three in one color patch LED, this LED light source brightness,

Mixed color effect is good, the performance is extremely stable. Each lamp is integrated within the LED constant current circuit, when the power supply voltage changes in the 20 - 30V, will not have any effect on the brightness of the lamp, so that the same color to minimize the color difference. The DMX512 control system is stable and mature, and each inside the lamp also comes with a decoding drive circuit, the lamp has a private address, in which each underground lamp can separate transform color and brightness of the whole picture can also be used as a whole to complete the transformation of color and brightness.

The project uses a total of 3000 sets of buried lights, LED above the first installation of a layer of imported light guide plate, light guide plate, there is a layer of tempered glass, so that the light of the LED can be the smallest distance from the uniform injection. The side of the lamp is also provided with a heat sink, which is used to effectively heat the internal heat of the sealed lamp body. Taking into account the harsh conditions of installation, part of the lamp with a communication repeater, the need to install the external communications repeater, thereby simplifying the installation of the greatest degree.

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