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Appreciation of nightscape lighting in Berlin

The former West Berlin District Library in the Damm Street area, this is from Berlin train station Tseng westwards, about 3 kilometers in length, 48 meters wide street. The street trees are uniform in platanusacerifolia.

This street, every 30 meters with a cylindrical lights up to 14 meters. 2 high pressure sodium lamps were installed in the suspended lampshade. In some places there is also a light projector, light beam to the facade of the building logo. This street is the average illuminance of 20 lux.

Sidewalk width of about 14 meters. It's a nice walk. From the side of the window of the window lights are also quite ornamental. In addition, every 4 meters or so placed a light box, light box display goods. This method is very strange, very innovative.

There are no trails on Kudam street. However, until late at night and the lights are not out of the window lighting and light box display lighting so that this will always be filled with the atmosphere of commercial street, attracting people to patronize here.

The main use of warm light source, such as halogen lamps and small fluorescent lamps. It also uses a straight tube fluorescent lamp and metal halide lamp, but because of its color temperature remained at around 3000K, still make people feel very soft.

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