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Appreciation of the night lighting in the central Berlin

The main street in the former East Berlin is Karl Max street. Avenue from the TV Tower in the Alexander square to the southeast extension, a total length of about 4 km.

After the Second World War, the reconstruction and reconstruction of the original East Berlin began in 1949. At the beginning of the program, the goal of building a socialist ideal society was established. Compared with the western base of Damm street, this street is more open, the width of 75 meters, on both sides of the street lined with high-rise residential and public facilities, is one of the most memorable street.

The streets are sparsely populated, neatly lined with 10.5 meter tall street lamps. The modelling of lamps not only has modern style, but also reveals the aesthetic mood of nostalgia. Beyond all expectations is parallel with double column on the road, and the London and Paris street, Regent Elysees and Ginza in Tokyo Central Avenue, the latter two configurations are perpendicular to the street and.

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