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The average luminous flux method

This method can be used to calculate the illumination value of two parts of light at the same time.

The average luminous flux method is called the luminous flux method, which is based on the unit area power capacity method in the lighting design. In the past, the electricity consumption per unit area was estimated. However, due to the continuous development of lighting technology, the emergence of new light sources and new lamps and lanterns, the luminous efficiency of the light source and the efficiency of the lamps are also gradually increasing. Therefore, the development of the average luminous flux method has been promoted, and the average luminous flux method has been developed into two methods: the use of the coefficient method and the method of estimating the curve.

1 utilization coefficient method

The coefficient method is used to calculate the total average illuminance of direct light and reflected light by using the numerical value of the lamp system. The source of the coefficient method is W.Harison and E. A. Anderson three light distribution method. They summed up a number of model experimental data, the first published lamps of the utilization coefficient table. The method is divided into three parts: vertical, horizontal and indirect. For these three components, the change of the coefficient of utilization, which is caused by the difference of the room shape and the reflection coefficient of each surface in the room, is calculated. In this method, the concept of room space ratio or room index is used to derive the relationship between the shape of the lamp and the room space ratio (or room index) and the utilization coefficient. Because the method is based on the experimental data, the obtained coefficient is more accurate, reasonable and practical, so it is widely used in the world.

2 budget curve method

According to the basic data of lamps and lanterns, the budget curve method is used to prepare the budget chart of lamps and lanterns, and then gives the relationship between the indoor area and the number of lamps required and the illumination. Therefore, it is possible to calculate the number of lamps with the estimated chart.

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