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Application of lighting in Japan from the "shadow dark praise"

In Yazaki Junichiro's "dark praise", depicts the light culture combined with the traditional culture of japan. That is, deep and lacquer painting, Japanese not makeup face, in the low light is more beautiful. In addition, the reflected light in the courtyard, through the sliding doors and windows shimmering, quietly into the interior, through the depth of the shadow covered with a white tatami mat room beauty Japan mi.

"The dark praise" a book published, has a history of 60 years. Yazaki Junichiro described the shadow, but now it can be said that the Japanese culture of light it?

1910 (Meiji 43 years) Japan began the domestic pigeon filament incandescent bulb, 1921 (Taisho 10 years) the invention of the double helix filament lamp. Although in the Meiji period, the general family uses the lamp, but it is just one of a lamp. 1934 (Showa 9) wrote "the dark praise" a book, at Ueno Park also has 200 residual gas lamp. It is not hard to imagine how the "light" changed people's lives from kerosene lamps, gas lamps to electric lights.

"Even though Japanese will think, bright room than the dark room facilities, but at that time, can only reach that level, but on the other hand, Yazaki on the" modern lighting ", namely the evaluation and brightness of the lamp, but lower than the actual situation. Yazaki is to praise the shadow, because he wants to emphasize the unique characteristics of traditional Japanese culture. Is the "bright" that the advanced nature of the west, "the dark" that the Eastern Backward rhetoric of the secret retort. From this we can see that "bright" will become the Western colony in the spirit of the extreme nationalism fear.

It is said that from the standpoint of the environment and life, as long as it is not too bright, but in the appropriate light and shade, there will be a rich and colorful life. Today, we need to go beyond the "dark praise" in the formulation, evaluation from tanigasaki too bright, find the appropriate aesthetic consciousness.

In the "dark praise" there is a saying, "beauty is not an object, but in the shadow pattern of the object and the object created and aim, only create a modern Japanese life" bright "and" dark "in their beautiful, can be the true light of Japanese culture forever.

Brief introduction of "dark" in praise of the content

"" is the shadow of praise Japanese writer Yazaki Junichiro's essays. "Shadow of praise", "collection", "lazy said love and sex", "tired", "guest", "miscellaneous travel toilet all sorts of" six essays, is representative of Yazaki Junichiro's essays. One of the most well known "shadow of praise from" shadow "has created a view of Oriental architectural beauty", derived from, discusses the subtleties of oriental architecture and culture. The article also focuses on the eastern and Western cultural differences, the informative, full of wit and humour, write and draw freely as one wishes, can be said that the establishment of a "tanigasaki type" of the Oriental aesthetic system.

The celebration falls is Japanese writer GuQi embellish Ichiro of essays. Included the celebration falls "," said the lazy "," love and sex "," unwelcome guest "," travel ZaHua, toilet all sorts of the book of essays, is Ichiro GuQi embellish prose masterpiece. One of the most well-known celebration "falls" from falls contributed to the eastern architecture this point of view, derived from, probes into the eastern architecture and culture is ingenious. Other breaks down around the eastern and Western culture differences, prose aplomb, erudite, interesting, can set up a "GuQi type" system of Oriental aesthetics.

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