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Xu Dongliang lighting design in the introduction of lighting designers in the necessary qualities

A few years ago, when I began to get involved in the lighting design of the industry, most of the questions being asked is "you are mainly operating lamps which brand?" this reminds me of 20 years ago, I want to enter the University of architecture, had a neighbor asked "whether architecture is able to use brick the number of calculation to every kind of?" of course, and the architecture compared to lighting design in our country is still a new occupation.

So, what is the lighting designer, they engaged in what kind of work, a lighting designer should have what kind of conditions and quality, how to do the lighting design, lighting design "Introduction" this book makes a more comprehensive and systematic exposition and explanation for us, very enlightening. This book can not only be used as a lighting design of the door of learning materials, but also can be used as a model to explain the content of their professional community. We recommend this book to the China Construction Industry Press, and Mr. Ma Jun has completed a high-quality translation work, I believe it will become a valuable knowledge of lighting design.

This book is the author of the three engaged in lighting design practice in Japan, the famous lighting designer, especially the face of smoked, but also to promote the professionalism of lighting design, access to more social awareness of the flag. I think, in Japan today, there are more than a dozen well-known lighting designers active in this industry, and can operate independently and have an impact on the world, and their tireless efforts are inseparable.

But in order to become a true lighting designer, in fact, is also very difficult.

First of all, to have as a general designer of literacy, to be able to understand the environment, understanding the architecture and indoor space, grasp the space composition style and material properties, because the light needs carrier to express their existence. As a result, people who learn from architecture, urban design, environmental art, interior design and so on have a good foundation.

Although the material is light, but with the building materials and other substances in the feeling is completely different, it is the first manifestation of the amorphous energy diffusion, how to achieve the purpose of lighting, the need for the limited design of light. Therefore, the lighting design is also known as the control of the design of the light, that is, how to transmit the appropriate light at the right time and the right place, to achieve a certain function or landscape effect.

There are also several aspects involved, such as optical knowledge, knowledge of optical control, electrical control requirements, etc..

These are the basic conditions for lighting designers should have. As with architectural design, a lighting design works from conception to realization is still a relatively long process, especially the light through the building or the environment as a carrier to performance. In the confirmation stage of the programme, as contained in the book, to use the scale model and full-scale model, field experiment, computer simulation and other means in the process of construction, and confirm the field effect, light, light irradiation confirmation, confirmed the construction nearing completion, but also focus on the comprehensive adjustment of light, in order to achieve the desired design.

The lighting designer is not an architect, nor is it an electrical engineer. Therefore, as a lighting designer needs to master a lot of knowledge, to broaden their horizons, continuous learning, at the same time, we must continue to experience the practice of the field, sum up experience. Some experts see the lighting designer called "artisan", is probably in order to emphasize the design characteristics of vital temper. Although the use of electric light source lighting history of only 100 years, but the development of lighting, the emergence of new technologies can be described with each passing day, the need for professionals in the eyes of the times.

From the lighting designers to measure the work of our team, the ideal talent echelon has not yet formed, the need for social care and support. Now in the University, the corresponding organizations have been actively engaged in the education of knowledge of lighting and participate in specific practice. Study on light environment such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University, central vision and light environment research, Beijing University of Technology research center of city lighting planning, other schools have also established research institutions of professional lighting, a positive effect in the training of talents. At the same time lighting design firms are also increasing, including the entry of foreign firms, manufacturers, engineering companies have begun to attach importance to lighting design. At present, several kinds of lighting magazines are published, these are the industry's gratifying progress. I believe there will be more people to care about the lighting design industry in the future, I believe there will be many designers to join the industry.

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