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From Japan Nagara River to visit Japan light culture feel useless

Gifu County long Liangchuan goose fishing tour useless

When asked what is the Japanese light, will be referred to Yazaki Junichiro's "dark praise". L indeed, from light (square paper cover seat, a lamp) in the low, dark light, natural light through sliding doors and windows, tatami mats and narrow light in the white walls, the formation of light and shadow subtle, this is Japan's unique J light space. However, the premise of the dark praise "refers to the traditional space distance, our daily life has been quite distant, but also can be used to describe what the Japanese Light?

Before, had the opportunity to visit the Gifu County of the Nagara River (Gu Gu lost goose fishing fishing is a bonfire in the summer to attract Ayu (Japanese specialty freshwater fish) used in breeding, tame the partridge goose to catch fish. Gifu County, Japan Nagara river is a very famous for the rape of one river fishing - Translator's note), was at a long term doubts melt away. In fact, the Japanese light, and not with the lights and sliding doors and windows are linked, but in the light of memory and light experience.

Since ancient times, Japan gradually change to the sun and the moon, has always been very sensitive, has been used in all kinds of light and light with the seasons. If you look back at the temple fairs and celebrations of the children's day, you will find that each scene is associated with the memory of light.

In the blue sky to see the pink cherry blossoms, the evening like a sea of clouds of cherry blossoms, in the light of the mercury under the translucent white cherry blossoms, lanterns lit by the light red cherry. Moongazing, flowers, night fair, now is still the show originally the seasonal characteristics of recreation will continue in our lives is that with the passage of time, showing the natural scenery and the change of feeling is different from the usual light "experience".

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Hara Kawa's duck and goose fishing, because of the flames of the fire and famous, but really can see the beautiful scene of fishing, is a good time to spend time on the boat in the mood of Lu Niaoyong. In the evening ride in the house of the boat, in the night of the river waiting for a partridge puts the person appeared, the waiting period, there will be dramatic changes to fully experience the change of nature and light. Standing on the dock, looking up at the red sunset. The sky turns pale gray, take the boat, in the cool breeze, upstream, behind the boat moored at the mountain. When it began to blur the faces of the tourists on board, the lanterns began to light on the boats. In a slightly tipsy state, fully committed to the dark night, from behind the dark mountain, suddenly appeared a bonfire, touched the heartstrings visitors spectators. Watch the birds fishing fun Gu Lu, from the beginning of the evening when there is sinking in the dark scene change, which can improve the sense of looking forward to the audience with the time change, together with a series of "experience" itself.

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