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Application of color adjustment in lighting design

1, feel color effects on human vision produced by

The influence of color on people is objective existence. Color discrimination, legibility, visibility, color symbol and emotions are important issues on color psychology. This section focuses on the effect of color on human psychology and physiology.

The perception of color is a complex phenomenon, the reason why people will have a sense of color, is the visible effects of electromagnetic wave in the visual organs of the retina to produce specific response, when the response is projected onto the occipital transverse zone, formed in the sense of color. The same color, because of the gender, age, personality, physical condition, mood, living environment, customs and habits of different individual or group differences.

Temperature sense

The red is reminiscent of the fiery red sun, red fire, make people have a warm feeling. Therefore, the red, orange, yellow, known as warm colors, orange red is very warm.

The blue make people think of the sea, there will be a cold feeling. Therefore, green, green, blue is called cool, cyan is very cool.

The color temperature, is conditioning the human form of long-term production and life experience in. When a person to observe the hot color, will appear in the psychological excitement and positive emotions; and when the observation of a cool color, will appear in the psychological depression and negative emotions.

Two, the sense of weight

The weight of color is the result of the effect of the weight of the object and the visual experience of the human body. Different shades of color can make people think of different objects. Usually, the light will make people think of the clouds, cotton and other light objects, the dark will be reminiscent of coal, steel and other heavy things. Therefore, the main factor determining the color of the sense of lightness, lightness, the higher the more light, the lower the lightness of the heavier.

Scent bottle

Weight bearing camera

In addition, the color will also be affected by the color of the state. A shiny, fine textured, hard surface color pattern gives a slightly heavier feel, while a dull, textured, soft, soft, surface color pattern gives a slightly lighter feel. For example, in industrial production, the lower part of the large heavy machine using a dark, the upper part of the use of bright colors, can give people a sense of security, otherwise people will feel the danger of falling down.

Three, hardness

Color refers to the color sense of hardness to soft and hard feeling, and it is very similar to the severity of the sense of color and color, brightness and purity of. The color of high brightness feels soft, the color of low lightness feels hard, the color of medium purity feels soft, high purity and low purity of the color of the feeling of hard generally use high brightness and medium purity color to show soft color. In the color of black, white is hard, gray is soft color.

Four, expansion and contraction

The sense of color expansion and contraction refers to the color in the process of contrast, the color of the contour or area to give people the feeling of expansion or contraction. The outline of the color, the feeling of expansion and contraction is produced by the contrast of color. Usually, the color of high brightness and warm colors have a swelling effect, which gives the impression that the color is larger than the actual, such as yellow, red, white, etc.. And the color of low brightness and cool color has the role of contraction, the kind of color to give people the feeling is smaller than the actual, such as brown, blue, black. The color of the visual communication design, color expansion and contraction of the sense of visual balance is often used to change the color of the area, to increase the visual comfort, such as red and blue collocation, the red area is smaller, the blue area slightly larger, and coordination can be obtained in the visual sense.

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