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How to choose home lighting lamps?

Abstract: it is now the standard of living improves, the lighting design pays more attention to the family decoration, in addition to general lighting, mainly the use of decorative lamps, lighting to beautify the living space, optimize the warm family life. This Home Furnishing lighting to artistic conception according to the overall space, to determine the layout form, light type, light style and light, through careful design, make clear, do Home Furnishing lighting living room bedroom quiet, the study goal, the focus of the decoration and so on, caused by the effects of space carving.

In the past, the family decoration lights don't pay much attention to decorative effect, is a house or a room lamp light, dull, only plays the role of general lighting. Now people's living standards have generally improved, home decoration in the light of the design, in addition to the general lighting, mainly the use of decorative lamps, lighting and beautify the living space, optimize the warm family life. This Home Furnishing lighting to artistic conception according to the overall space, to determine the layout form, light type, light style and light, through careful design, make clear, do Home Furnishing lighting living room bedroom quiet, the study goal, the focus of the decoration and so on, caused by the effects of space carving.

With the improvement of people's living standards, environmental protection, energy conservation awareness has been strengthened, environmental protection. Energy saving lamp is becoming more and more popular, this is also reflected a kind of culture masters, but invisibly and education of the child, and it is helpful to their physical and mental health, conforms to the contemporary trend in environmental protection, energy saving.

First, the principle of home lighting decoration

The cultural level of each family, hobbies, occupation, social objects, economic strength of the different, so their bedroom decoration and lighting options are also different because of the actual situation and different styles. However, the purpose of decoration is basically the same, that is economic and practical, beautiful and generous, easy to operate, safe and reliable, for this reason, in the choice of the purchase of lamps and lighting, the need to deal with the following aspects.

1, the relationship between general lighting and local lighting. People are accustomed to a room with a general lighting with the "main body", mostly with chandeliers or ceiling mounted in the center of the room. In addition, according to the need to set the wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp and so on as the "auxiliary light" for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The so-called "main lamp" and "auxiliary light" is relatively speaking, under certain conditions, the function will be replaced. For example, the room height of less than 2.5M, the area is not large, it is not appropriate to set up multiple lights, in particular, should not be equipped with large chandeliers, with a single or two beautiful wall lamp can play a role in general lighting and decoration. Study at night, work with the table lamp, lamp cover with translucent plastic, the upper diffuse light can meet the needs of lighting.

2, determine the principle of cloth style. Because of the cultural level, hobbies, as well as the age, occupation, to determine the different styles of cloth lights. So set the lighting from the reality, and according to personal preferences, in order to obtain a specific style and effect lighting.

Cloth lamp requirements of different occupation: people engaged in mental work, the general love of quiet, love reading, drawing design, research and information, they need to set the diverse lighting lamp, easy to work, help reading floor lamp, bedside lamp for reading newspapers information.

Different age levels of cloth requirements: due to age differences, they have different standards for lighting requirements:

Old people - old people's living habits simple, quiet love, the color of the lamps used, modeling, to foil the old man elegant style. The main lamp available unit or ceiling lantern chandeliers. For the convenience of the elderly can be set up, a length of light illumination on the bed.

Middle aged - middle-aged people are the dominant family, but also the cause of the pillars of the decoration style, color to concise and lively. Cloth lamp to reflect the personality, but also to reflect the main style, such as the use of rotary arm table lamp or floor lamp, in order to facilitate learning.

Young people - young people to highlight the new lighting, strange, special. The main lamp should highlight the personality, creative, bright colors. Wall in the shape of the requirements for the theme of love, light source to warm, romantic based (especially girls)

Children - children lighting is the best unpredictable, highlighting a strange, increase children's imagination, is conducive to intellectual development. Lamp shape, color, should not only reflect the interests, but also conducive to the healthy growth of children. The main lamp is concise and lively, concise style chandelier or ceiling lamps, do homework on the desktop to bright lights, animal modeling lamp can be used, but should pay attention to ensure the lighting, because children are curious, active, the absolute guarantee of safe and reliable lighting.

3, the practical and decorative lighting. Indoor and public buildings, indoor lighting has a practical and decorative, how to deal with the relationship between the two, on the interior decoration to play a multiplier role.

The utility of the lamp can guarantee the indoor lighting, ensure the sanitation of the light, protect the eyes, protect the vision, the light color has no abnormal psychology or the physiological response is firm, and the safety switch is flexible. Also, in a sense, the decoration of lamps is also practical, otherwise, the problem of decoration can not be talked about.

The decorative lamp is a lamp, ornamental, material is exquisite, unique shape, color is beautiful, the two is to coordinate, in the form of a cloth lamp design, coordination and room decoration, facilities and furnishings, lamps and other material furniture type material consistency, can reflect master conception. The three is to highlight the personality, color light according to people need to create a certain atmosphere, such as warm, calm, comfortable, quiet, peaceful and so on. Specific to each piece of lighting, with emphasis on lighting, with emphasis on decoration, there are both. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of different personnel, different uses and interior decoration requirements.

Two, Home Furnishing lighting requirements

Home Furnishing indoor environment to meet the different number and different types of lamps, in addition to meet the people's visual health, light quality, light utilization requirement, but also reflect the different styles of personality. We can use light to adjust people's feelings about the indoor color, but also can use the color of cold and warm, rendering or cover up the role of interior design. But we should pay attention to the overall coordination of interior decoration, avoid self defeating.

1, lobby, lobby, corridor lighting. The lobby, lobby, corridor is people must pass through the past, is to enter the room at the first impression, is also one of the overall level of interior decoration, reflect general hall, lobby, corridor lighting is generally used in spherical lamp small, flat round or square ceiling lamps, its specifications, size, size and living room should be supporting. Sometimes there's a spot at the door. The hall, corridor lights should be the main and the other room, time points, and the lobby is a public building of the hall, it is important cloth lamp, lighting is often one of the iconic decoration, be richly decorated, luxurious and elegant.

2, living room lighting. The living room is the reception hall and Home Furnishing large living room, large living room is a mixed cloth lamp mainly reflects the luxury, exquisite ethnic style, this is not a detailed introduction, we lighting for the living room at home, for reference. The living room is the center of the activities of family members, is also a place to receive guests and friends, lighting can not be sloppy, to elaborate design layout. The ideal design is: the number and brightness of the lighting can be adjusted, so that the full display of family style.

General lighting and local lighting in a combination of the way, that is, a main lamp, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting. Such as: wall lamp, lamp, lamp and so on. On the main lighting, if the living room height of about 3M, to use the mid-range luxury chandelier; height below 2.5M, to use the mid-range of decorative ceiling lamps or without main lamp; if the height of more than 3.5M above the living room, can use high grade, size slightly larger chandelier or ceiling lamps.

In addition, the use of a separate table lamp or floor lamp on the sofa, so that the direct light scattered throughout the sitting area, used to talk or browse books. Can also be placed in the appropriate location of the wall unique shape of the wall, so that the walls of the sun. If there are murals, display cabinets, etc., can be set to be invisible spotlights. Put a soft light lamp or floor lamp in front of the TV set, or a miniature incandescent illumination in the back of the TV, to weaken the hall light dark contrast, but also conducive to the protection of eyesight. Lighting in the living room, its shape, color should be consistent with the overall layout of the living room. Cloth light to bright lighting, the atmosphere should be strong, to the guests "Guests feel at home." feeling, so that better light distribution.

3 bedroom lighting. The main function of the bedroom is to rest, but not a single sleep area, the majority of families, the bedroom is also a place to make up and store clothes, but also in the rest of the rest of the work. To play a variety of purposes bedroom, lighting decoration must be carefully designed. The modelling of lamps and lanterns, the choice of color, want to create a quiet, warm atmosphere; if you want to create a romantic or charming bedroom small world, it is necessary to use soft, beautiful lighting. Indirect or diffuse lighting. Indoor with indirect lighting, ceiling color to light, reflective light effect is good, if the use of a small number of low wattage spotlights, the ceiling should be dark, so as to create a romantic atmosphere.

Try to avoid placing the bed under the chandelier, so people lying on the bed, there will be no light to stimulate the eyes. The best way is to install lights under the photo on the wall, and directional installation, let the light on the paintings and the shelves, resulting in a beautiful atmosphere, can also be set in place a translucent cover, wall lamp, the light toward the upper cover mouth center polychrome ceiling, the lower part of a diffuse light at the bottom of the space, get up and down reflect the decorative effect.

If there are other needs of the bedroom there is brightness of the facilities, according to the need to set up the lights, such as the closet, set the door from the lights, easy to take. To show the charm of the murals, the use of spotlights lighting. The dresser mirror is arranged on both sides of the wall with two little and dainty, light symmetrical and no shadow, convenient dressing. Set the bedside lamp in the bedroom, not only provide lighting, but also to meet the master was reading and reading lamps, bedside lamps which requires both the brightness, but not dazzling, the general use of adjustable light source lamp. Usually do not read, the illumination can be lower, light color should be soft. The light in the bedroom decoration into the best artistic, the use of novel devices such as lamps, animal type, root, flower type, to produce a strange effect.

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