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Anatomy of the lighting design of Tokyo cosmetic market in Japan (1)

Shiseido 7-chome is located in Ginza, opened in May 2011, which is the place Shiseido founded. In order to celebrate its 140 anniversary of the establishment of the company in 2012, Shiseido flagship store in the form of a reflection of the Shiseido Ginza future plan concept. Each of the three layers has a theme, visitors can enjoy the Shiseido for their beauty and the preparation of functional elements. The theme of lighting planning is "lighting makes women look more beautiful".

Anatomy of the lighting design of Tokyo cosmetic market in Japan

One layer of the theme is "beauty Marche" (Beauty Marche). Although the previous cosmetics floor set up separate space for each brand, this layer is not based on the class to show the product. In this open glass floor space, the center of the stage is surrounded by a mobile shop device. This is an "unfinished" space, leaving enough free space for the activities or exhibitions to be held here. For lighting solutions, the designer takes into account how light should respond to changes in the external light within a day, and how to make products and visitors look more beautiful.


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