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Lighting design of Tokyo cosmetic market in Japan (three)

The three theme is "holy". The main body of this space is a corridor, in which there is a courtyard surrounded by a passage. The name "C1 de Peau Beaut" salon space is a special space Shiseido luxury brand, which has a private room, customers can not only get the counselling service, can also enjoy systemic treatment. In this layer, in order to ensure the luxurious space suitable for elegant flashing and high quality of the quiet, the designer selects the open angle 12V 50W halogen lamps for customers and products to provide lighting.

Lighting design of Tokyo cosmetic market in Japan (three)

The chandelier, which seems to float in a Navy colored space, is a sign of the space. The glow of the 10000 SWAROVSKI crystals, reflected by the mirror material on the surface of the table, conveys the feeling of the whole scene: the Shiseido Ginza is a symbol of the beautiful temple. In line with the store's "experiment and acceptance of new challenges" business activities, lighting also accepts the challenge of achieving a "better lighting for women".


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