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Case analysis of Wanda Plaza lighting project (1)

The east wing of the earth Tangshan Wanda Plaza, let the Phoenix pride, a total construction area of more than 1 million m2 super large city complex project in December 2011 officially unveiled in Tangshan Earthquake Memorial square on the east side of downtown. Tangshan Wanda Plaza is the third generation of the city complex construction of Wanda Group Investment (HOPSCA), by commercial complexes, office buildings, five star hotels, apartments, commercial pedestrian street, high-rise residential group, Traders Hotel etc.

Wanda Plaza, Tangshan, China

The project to commemorate the square and Xinhua Road road line as the main theme of the landscape, from the city scale focus on building complex tower building and Commercial Plaza colorful bustling atmosphere, the main surface of a light and night skyline. Through the commercial space to join the urban space, the formation of the urban center of the night lighting levels. According to the project in the commercial, office buildings, hotels, residential and other functional categories, different treatment, optimize the allocation of different locations of the lighting project cost.

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