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Analysis on the theme of film museum lighting

German Film Museum in Frankfurt, designed by ATELIER from Stuttgart BR CKNER surgeon, permanent exhibition for its high quality is very eye-catching. The exhibition is spread out in the space of two layers of 800m2, and the compact scene is designed to operate in a cinematic way, as well as the film itself. The narrative of the space runs through the small details, leading the visitors into the world of film.

Each layer of the general dark space such as film playback as one by one. This is a superb combination of sound and the environment of the drama, the focus of the delicate lighting and stylized elements of the film is not a sound. Uwe. Brukner. R (Uwe R. Br ckner) and his interdisciplinary team completed the narrative drama. In his interpretation of the newly completed permanent exhibition said "we want the exhibition to speak, will tell the story, finally moved the audience to the visitors left lasting memories, to achieve the effect of The tune lingered in the room. "

This design based on the content of the design approach to achieve the integration of space and content, the exhibition and the effect of communication with the viewer. "

The first layer shows the theme of "film vision". It presents the audience with a kaleidoscope of spatial images, in order to demonstrate the early discovery and invention of technology in nineteenth Century. The early equipment for the development of the film has become an antique in historical terms. Showcase is not only constitute a powerful element of the space screen, and its own to the audience passed the film to relive the feeling of running.

The second floor exhibition "the expression of the film" provides the audience with the modern means of making movies. The core part is the design of the movie screen and its emotional effect. The significance of this area is to strengthen the audience's understanding of the concept of the film as the transmission of emotional media. The designers even tried to encourage the audience to actively participate in the production of film and television, for the film production technology, the audience can be simulated in a movie studio to explore the space.

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