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Analysis of lighting effect of Italy National Museum, Shanghai, China (two)

The "joy of life" Exhibition (Joy of living, L District), in addition to the same entrance hall and the stars, need to focus on the performance of several topics in front of the wall: mosaic mural wall, Symphony wall and fashion model fashion show wall. For these topics using a plurality of walls, finally built the angle adjustable lamp CeStello lighting lamps, each with 4 to 6 QR111 100W low voltage halogen light source (8 degrees or 24 degrees), the installation is cleverly by rail or wall mounted on the top of the glass curtain wall to achieve. The light is focused on the walls and the floor, highlighting the abstract pocket Symphony Orchestra and the fashion show, which is made up of clothing and models, to show the theme of the fun life.

In the "Italy high-tech exhibition" (I-Tech, F), display technology and industrial design in Italy's masterpiece: Vespa motorcycle, Fiat 500 cars, Tai Ruojian (Technogym) fitness equipment, Ferrari automobile, automation robot etc..

5m from the ground floor of the laying of a piece of a piece of special plastic translucent smallpox, the whole smallpox are printed on the Mediterranean region, including Italy, a huge map. The exhibition has also become one of the most satisfying areas of Mr. Ankalo Basili.

Italy museum lighting management system is also a major bright spot. Italy Museum installed a complete set of lighting management system named Master Pro. The system is based on the LON-DALI protocol, the 100 control modules are synchronized, and then the management of the entire building almost all the lighting system, showing the powerful management functions of the system. The lamp type, most of the light source with adjustable light, provides advanced DALI control system for highly flexible control mode to ensure the lighting system, or even accurate to separate dimming or switch for each lamp.


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