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Parliamentary museum lighting design appreciation

The museum is located in Brussels, the exhibition facilities of the multi language system and the scene of the exhibition Chen for visitors to enjoy the experience of the European Union's audio-visual experience. The design tends to explain the content in the form of information and experience, including the transparency of EU politics and the organization of the European union. Each information point is equipped with 23 languages to facilitate visitors from various European cities to choose their own mother tongue. In addition, the exhibition is also equipped with sign language guides, audio commentary and dedicated to attract children to key information interaction.

Visitors can also get all the multi language data stored in the system.

Navigation is based on the iPod touch device, the mobile unit and the media loaded data integration of RFID navigation technology used to achieve innovative interaction between visitors and information. Personal mobile navigation through the detection of visitors to the location of the target data translation, where visitors will receive the corresponding range of further information, but also to stimulate the media center in the region.

All visitors to the EU Council center can receive information efficiently. Visitors are immersed in the exhibition to enjoy the interactive way to bring information, including details, including browsing experience.

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