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Analysis of interior lighting design concept

The book club in order to introduce as much natural light, on the roof opened 3 large skylights, echoing the 3 fan transparent balcony door, the sun in the daytime indoors, completely without artificial light can meet the needs of all the brightness. In addition to the balcony of the three walls in the attic from the ground floor to the ceiling of the white gypsum board made of shelves. The ground glass embedded in the two level of the platform, and between the platform and the walls are separated from each other, a gap, reflects the structure of the sense of lightness, and the top of the sky can be irradiated to the lower shelf. In order not to undermine the smooth lines of the top and a pure sense of beauty, there is no installation on the ceiling. Therefore, the local space lighting is extremely critical. There is no doubt that the cold light from the central staircase is not enough. The lighting designer installs the hidden linear lamp under the bookshelf. Not only on the spine, also provides the main lighting for the whole room. Lighting designer intends to let the wall filled with 3 walls of the room and the central staircase of the color of a warm and cold, strong contrast.

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