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A private book appreciation Ge lighting design in London Westminster District

The book is located in Westminster, London, was built in early eighteenth Century, belonging to the two level of protection of property. TimothyHatton architects through the old buildings built on top of a layer of steel structure without destroying the ancient below, let located on the four floor of the book club has a spacious double storey, and the appearance is also very pay attention to the building and around after the transformation of the building height, style coordination. The most ingenious and crucial part of the combination of architecture and lighting design is the staircase in the center of the pavilion, as it is the transparent glass roof of the living space below. In the daytime, the glass stair provides the natural light for the living space in the daytime, and the artificial light can be provided by the internal LED at night. Translucent texture in the form like blocks of ice cold white light LED hidden under the environment of light and unbelievable atmosphere for the whole room.

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