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How to control the different elements of lighting through the lighting control system?

In the book, hanging on the wall of the 3 main master collection of works of art, each with one to two directional light to illuminate the key, these light hidden or disguised as a book look on the shelf, or hidden in the wall, leaving only a tiny hole and let the light shine out. In each door at the bottom of a set of Embedded Configuration uplights, draw the outline of the window frame and the door straight lines. In addition, the bookcase is also installed below the low brightness of the wall lamp, the bottom of the wall wash light, and the walls are covered with the warm light emitted by the formation of a whole. Controlled by the different elements of a lighting control system for lighting, to meet different needs of different time in a day, including the opening and closing of the curtain can also be controlled by it, the book club has plenty of sunlight during the day, at night, the artificial light for the owner's life adds a bit of comfort.

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