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Analysis of architectural lighting design of Irish country villa

The original building is a typical Vitoria era buildings, the owners commissioned the London architect Camodig Lo Volcker (Carmody Groarke) and Lighting Design International from designer Graham Rollins (Graham Rollins) created a Spa in the basement. Spa by the swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and a gym. One of the challenges in the design is to create a variety of low key lighting concepts. Light to highlight the architectural features of the form, while accurately produce the atmosphere the owners want. From the first floor into the basement to go through a stairwell, Rawlins is the use of incandescent lamps and hidden cold cathode linear ribbon lighting. The first area is covered with black Spa Sicily Basaltina natural stone swimming pool, the bottom can be adjusted. In the swimming pool on the edge of the wall to install LED, the cool temperature deepened the water blue texture, make the water look good. Designers in the pool at the end of the wall opened a skylight, the skylight on the wall opposite the installation of a warm halogen lamp (3000K), warm white adjustable halogen halogen wall lamp to create a "modern" effect.

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