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Analysis of Irish villa lighting design concept

The lighting design concept to soften the sharp edge of the ceiling structure, it is more pleasant. Indirect lighting passes over the edges of the structure, weakening the shadows, and integrating unusual structures into the general architectural concept. Cold cathode light during the day to send a fresh neutral white light (3500K) makes the lime stone wall is very texture. In the evening, LED for different atmospheres and the need to provide warm white or selected with dramatic color changes. The cold cathode tube and the LED are the perfect choice for smooth, uninterrupted linear light. In order to avoid the overlap of each other or the formation of a shadow, do not want to play, designers will directly put LED on the cold cathode tube. All wiring and electronic components are installed in the ceiling structure to ensure that they do not block the beam. All the lights are hidden, only a halo along the ceiling.

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