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How to prevent fire?

Lighting fire prevention measures: the distance between the lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp and combustible should not be less than 5cm, halogen tungsten lamp should be greater than 50cm. prohibited paper, cloth and other combustible materials to block the lights. More than 100W incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp tube near the wire should be non combustible material (porcelain pipe, asbestos, glass fiber jacket) protection, can not use ordinary wire, so as not to damage the insulation, causing short circuit. Under the lamp can not be stacked combustible items. Bulb height from the ground is generally not less than 2m, such as less than 2m should take protective measures. Often the impact of the place should use the metal mesh fat support, high humidity place should prevent water measures. Fluorescent lamp ballast installation should pay attention to ventilation, are not allowed to be directly fixed on the ceiling or combustible ballast on the wall. Ballast and lamp voltage and capacity must be the same, supporting the use of. In low voltage lighting, the selection of adequate wire cross section, to prevent excessive heat caused by dangerous. There are a large number of combustible dust, such as food processing, cotton processing plants, etc.. Explosion site should be installed corresponding explosion-proof lighting lamps. The contents of the above are based on the actual work of the students to meet the problem of finishing, for reference, if there is a problem, please timely communication.

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