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Abu Dhabi dhaya bridge lighting engineering analysis

After nearly 8 years of construction time, Arup has finalized a unique dynamic lighting program. First developed on the basis of the concept of Hollands Licht design. When the sun goes down, the bridge structure will be reflected by the flow of light and shadow.

Designed by Zaha Hadid architects, the bridge is made of concrete, which spans the adjacent shore in a flow pattern.

This bridge to the country's former leader Sheikh Zhayedesuertan - Al Nahyan name for the name, the bridge a total length of 842m. It is connected to the island of Abu Dhabi, the mainland and the new Maqta channel main portal. The arch structure of the main bridge rises to a height of 60m above the water level, and the highest level of the road is at the height of 20m above the water level. It is seen as a catalyst for future urban growth in Abu Dhabi.

This lighting scenario includes a dynamic color lighting effect, smooth passage of colored light across the channel. The luminous attitude reshaped the bridge, creating a feeling for the user to embrace the landscape through the bridge. At the same time, it gives the audience a unique scene.

The overall shape of the bridge structure is called the bridge spine, which is emphasized and expressed by the dynamic colored light. And the function of the bottom surface of the road is integrated with monochromatic dynamic cell illumination. Integrated lighting control system, so that the two parts to form a dynamic effect, that is, changes in the spine and cell flow, so that the bridge body has a light on it, and the formation of flow pattern effect.

This is a highly artistic design by the Arup lighting program, reflecting the soul of Abu Dhabi. This specially designed language of light, along with the people of the United Arab Emirates in Arabia, celebrates religious traditions, activities and public events.

Through the new moon, the bridge lighting is associated with the appearance of the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Once a month, the two landmark buildings, the leaching of deep blue color, but also a clear response to the city's awareness of the link.

The original concept of illumination was developed by Rogier and at Hollands Licht. Further detailed lighting design by Arup international design team completed. The various stages of the project, including the programming of 13 art scenes, were designed by Simone Collon.


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