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What is the "soul" of interior lighting design?

Introduction: a total investment of 2 million 600 thousand pounds for the American Express Company is not bad money AEIL VIP lounge recently open to members, to build an exciting experience for the simulation of green space, dramatic lighting concept in place of celebrity thoughtful VIP room at O2 in London, the British appointed INTO as lighting consultant and Platform interior design company combination to build a complete.


Lighting design with concise visual awareness to the VIP member exclusive venue of vision dignitaries, celebrities, the real simulation of the atmosphere of the dinner. Lighting is fully flexible to adapt to any VIP event, allowing independent area control such as bar area, lounge and dining area. Lighting is also helping to create intimate relationships in such a huge venue.

The 10 meter long wall at the entrance to the venue as a dramatic feature of the spatial background of the 7 meters. The stage is equipped with a string of vertical landing, and a high output lens RGBW color changes along the length of the wall to create a light effect. Custom honeycomb shade to reduce glare and enhance the level of the first floor.

The main space AR111 spotlight caterpillar provides lighting and Par64-style spotlights clip truss suspended on the sidewalk on the top. Truss-mounted spotlight is the Ar111 engine, providing a large stage lighting visual aesthetic.

A halogen lamp hanging suspended floor central cocktail bar at different heights, creating a visual impact with a warm glow in this area, the leading edge of the bar to create an effective hierarchical lighting effects for the overall lighting details, such as the use of warm white LED lights, some for the characteristics of lighting design, including 24E14 incandescent lamp aluminum ring diameter of two meters and a black installed inside.

On the first floor, a color filter with a fluorescent lamp, a double colored light washed the brick wall, the LED lamp behind the seat, creating a friendly and level of light effect.

General manager Rebecca Kaine. Burton, summed up the project: we believe the new face of the lounge member experience to a new level, not what place to be able to provide the best music, comedy and sport, a real VIP feeling, a kind of pure entertainment and pleasant feeling.

Lighting is the soul of interior design, 2 million 600 thousand pounds of VIP VIP lounge, it also depends on the quality of the light. "What is the most important interior design? - is the light. Platform interior design director, said.


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