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Aalborg seaside lighting design (two)

Street lighting and functional lighting, well integrated into the new surrounding environment and provide good visual comfort, no glare and high quality color rendering. This design does not conflict with the scenery on the sea, but in order to respect the natural scenery of the region, have been carefully designed and planned.

To ensure that there is a strong visual feature to support the marine environment, the selection of weathering steel posts and matching spotlights. The choice of lighting equipment, whether in the day or at night, has further enhanced the feeling of the harbour sea, and the unity of the surrounding architectural style.

All lighting solutions, consider the issue of waterfront lighting, and respect the natural environment of the waterfront. This means that the lighting will not form a reflection in the water, will not affect the free view of the fjord or the sky. Well planned lighting solutions for the waterfront to add a unique visual features and image, promote social interaction, to attract visitors to enjoy the Poetic Garden space, the harbour promenade and different venues.

Aalborg won the Danish lighting award in 2011. The jury chose this project as a result of the choice of lighting design for each region, enhancing the architectural concept. In addition, the light will not cause any glare, respect the Bay natural scenery, and left the fjord across town an unobstructed view.

Today, the Aalborg waterfront has become a popular leisure area of the city, always welcome the people of Aalborg.


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