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A display box that will not be possible -- CO2 cube

"The purpose of the CO2 cube is to create a connection between global virtual communication and public space in Copenhagen. It is incredibly floating on the lake St, J0rgens, is a new form of outdoor billboards in the city - as far as possible not to consume energy, and attract collective participation. These containers are not used to transport materials and goods, but to convey ideas, images, and information to the global climate summit in Copenhagen. These ideas need to be exported to the world to change the status quo. The founder of PUSH architecture, cubic CO2 project architect Christopher Canuport (Christophe Cornubert) said, "CO2 is a cube will not be possible to display box. "CO2 cubic project is a mixture of special field devices and multimedia art, issues to help the public and decision makers to deepen the influence on CO2 emission and the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference on understanding. Architects work with multimedia and IT workers to integrate the artist's imagination, environmental data simulation, and real-time information flow from around the world with the CO2 cube and its environment. Let us be aware of the importance of supporting the successful convening of the Copenhagen global climate summit. Through the Youtube exchange platform CO2 cubic custom, so that the public can sound, while listening to the news from every corner of the world, "the limitations of time and space cubic CO2 can make up the dialogue in Copenhagen, so that more people can come to the place of dialogue. This is a real time portal that connects visitors to climate change related videos and other content directly via the internet. "

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