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The art of large lighting installations: "feeling is reality"

From April 2010 to June, a field of light and space, the relationship between the light and the people, called the "real" feeling that a large light installation art works in Beijing, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) exhibited shock. "Feeling is real" is the first work of Olafur Eliasson, a famous artist in Denmark / Iceland (Olafur Eliasson) in china. In the art world, Eliasson is known for his creative use of light and shade, color, water, wind, or mist, and is adept at turning natural phenomena into a spectacle that can be experienced at any time. That is the real "feeling" is also the first time Eliasson and Chinese architects works together, Ma designed a long winding space near 60m in the Ullens Center for contemporary art exhibition. Eliasson's idea is to use red, green, blue three primary components of the fluorescent lamp array, the whole space filled with fog. The impact of emissions and the understanding of the controversial issues at the Copenhagen climate change conference. Architects work with multimedia and IT workers to integrate the artist's imagination, environmental data simulation, and real-time information flow from around the world with the CO2 cube and its environment. Let us be aware of the importance of supporting the successful convening of the Copenhagen global climate summit. Through the Youtube platform CO2 cubic custom, so that the public can sound, while listening to the news from every corner of the world, "the limitations of time and space cubic CO2 can make up the dialogue in Copenhagen, so that more people can come to the place of dialogue. This is a real time portal that connects visitors to climate change related videos and other content directly via the internet. "

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