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CO2 cube: imagine 1 tons of change

1 tons of CO2 in the end how much? In December 7, 2009 Denmark Copenhagen, artists, architects, engineers, technicians, musicians, climate conference, children and young people gathered together, "CO2 cubic: imagine 1 tons of" 111 devices in the form of multimedia art exhibition. A witness from the invisible light and sound sculpture transformation, the design to help people witnessed the actual scale of 1 tons of CO2, under standard pressure measurement and storage, 1 tons of CO2 occupies a three floor size 8.2m x 8.2m x 8.2m cube. The cube is made up of 12 containers stacked on a specially welded flat bottomed boat. There are 2 sides of the cube covered with a mesh fabric as a projection screen, the other side will be exposed to the outer surface of the container. The selection of containers as building materials not only represents the symbol of global integration, from a practical and sustainable point of view, after the end of the project and can be easily disassembled, containers can be restored to its original function, not a waste of building materials. LED lighting is designed by Do Lab, with 2 lumens of light and a 20000 video system to illuminate and meet the cube on the CO2 report.

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