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A case study of Canton Tower lighting design (two)

Thick horizontal ring beam and column is actually a layer of barrier, the reflection of the sunlight into the room and spread. The overall effect is excellent, the interior space can feel the light and bright, but no direct light into.

The biggest feature of the tower body lighting is the use of LED pan lighting method, that is, the installation of lamps in the back of the column to play a bright column, a silhouette effect. Such large-scale use of LED as a pan light source in the country and the world are the first. At the same time, in order not to affect the architectural form of the day, the designer of the lamp position strictly limited, as far as possible to hide the lights, so the upright column is not illuminated.

The ultimate goal is to watch the Pearl River "south of the Five Ridges girl" the elegant and noble qualities reflected, the control of the LED color of the product and the whole system is also put forward higher requirements, careful design must use high quality LED system and a large number of color, otherwise prone to vulgar sense.

Architects and lighting designers cooperate closely and creatively develop LED lighting equipment integration in building complex structure based on formation of lighting effects and colorful rhythm, full of "south of the Five Ridges girls like elegant and very pretty and charming" is the core concept of architectural design. Canton Tower to maximize the lighting effect and the perfect integration of the surrounding environment, for the people of Guangzhou and visitors brought a pleasant and memorable lighting experience.


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