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LED energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamp

The incandescent lamp, which is heated by tungsten filament, consumes only about 2% of the energy that can be converted into light energy, while the rest is dissipated in the form of heat energy. In the whole society to promote green low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, the incandescent lamp is not dead.

According to incomplete, the proportion of small and medium-sized urban residents in the use of incandescent lamps are generally more than 50%, the proportion of incandescent lamps in rural areas greater. Although the government does not spare no effort to promote the development of LED energy saving lamps, the prohibition of the production and sale of incandescent lamps above 60W, but to promote energy-saving environmental protection and energy-saving lamps and LED lamps, I still have a long way to go.

First, the incandescent lamp with its stable color, close to daylight color temperature, visual comfort, low price and other advantages of the hardware is still very high in domestic use rate and popularity rate, leading to consumption is difficult.

Second, although the use of LED energy-saving lamp energy consumption can be reduced to 70%, the service life will be far more than ordinary incandescent lamp. However, the purchase cost of LED energy-saving lamps is higher, with a household 6W LED energy-saving lamps, the price is more than 16 times the incandescent lamp.

From China's vast rural areas and two or three lines of the city's short-term investment behavior, people may be more inclined to buy a $1.5 incandescent to cost-effective. Even if it is to buy LED energy-saving lamps, it is also to improve the home taste as a symbolic meaning.

Third, the current production of LED energy-saving lamps, aquatic products, product quality varies greatly, a lot of OEM companies to operate in the way of small workshops, lack of management awareness, product quality sense of control. LED, energy-saving lamps are not energy, insecurity and other phenomena often occur. The production of incandescent lamp technology is low, easy to mass production, resulting in the number of incandescent lamps and product quality is easy to occupy the dominant position.

LED energy-saving lamps will eventually replace incandescent lamps are universal tasks not only depend on the government to promote, but should be the National Awakening, especially in less developed areas of economy development, at least let people afford to buy energy-saving lamps LED. At that time to talk about the popularity of LED energy-saving lamps, more realistic.


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